Expand Your Human BootCamp



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If you’re someone who wants to optimize your human performance and expand your capacities, I invite you to join me for the Expand Your Human Boot Camp.

In this 4-week online training, we cover the 6 Primal Principles to make your human better than yesterday.

We will dive deep into the importance and benefits of each principle, and establish simple practices to add to your daily life. It will include live lessons with Q&A, along with weekly assignments, and access to a private Facebook group.

All sessions will be recorded and replays posted so no worries if you can’t be there live.

So if you want to:

  • Learn how to optimize your human performance
  • Build routines & challenge your body & brain
  • Discover small actions that make massive impact
  • Establish habit systems
  • And connect with community

Then jump in and take your primal human back- breathe better, move more, play like a kid, get hot and cold, and sleep better, while gaining self-awareness and presence.

Expand Your Human Boot Camp starts Next Wednesday, April 17th!

Below is a breakdown of what you will learn each week:

Week 1- Wed 4/17 @ 12:00pm PDT: Breathe

    • How to breathe better
    • Mobility, mechanics, and diaphragm training
    • Breathing for state change
    • Simple breathing practices

Week 2-Wed 4/24 @12:00pm PDT: Move & Play

    • Viewing movement from a different lens
    • Ways to move all of our tissues
    • Play for joy, challenge, brain health, and social connection
    • Creative ways to move and play throughout your day

Week 3- Wed 5/1 @12:00pm PDT: Sweat & Freeze

    • The influence of changes in core body temperature
    • Hormetic (good) stress and nervous system adaptation
    • Ways to use for disruption and character
    • Fear and how to work with it

Week 4- Wed 5/8 @12:00pm PDT: Sleep

    • What happens when we sleep
    • How to design your sleep schedule
    • Circadian rhythm entrainment
    • Nighttime and WakeUP Routines